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RealityCheck Team

In Germany for the German-speaking area

Our local team is expanding the Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA) network in Germany. We have translated the Coram Deo Basic Course of DNA into German and contextualized it to make it available to all German speakers around the world. We have also founded a local study group in Cologne.

First local RealityCheck Group in Cologne

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Discipleship School

Coram Deo Basis Course of the Disciple Nations Alliance in German

We believe that all Christians are called to demonstrate God’s love for the fallen world and to bring truth, beauty and justice into every sphere of society in order to influence it more positively.

How can we be salt and light in our sphere of influence and beyond?

The Coram Deo Basic Course is a discipleship course that helps Christians:

  • to get to know poverty from a biblical perspective.
  • to identify and combat poverty and injustice.
  • to promote ideas that help people flourish and bring justice.
  • to put what you have learned into practice with your own means.

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